Bo was born in Minnesota and was highly bred. His father was a grand champion yellow Lab, who worked out, ate an all grain diet and had his picture on the Eukanuba bag.

His mother, also a natural blonde, had three litters, played with tennis balls and was a member of the Junior Leash.

Bo went to Burybone College, where he was known for his field hockey, and later to Wall Street, where he became an investment barker. After five years of dog-and-pony shows with Den Rug Wetter, he was dog tired and ready to move on.

Fortunately, he had invested in an internet start-up called Dogfacebook, and he was pretty well fixed (financially, that is).


Chancey was a Black Lab and a bit of a junk yard dog. Nobody was going to mistake him for a Best in Show. When he was five weeks old, he was sold to a family in Ohio, but he slipped out of his crate and off the bus near Alvaton, Kentucky, where he got a job teaching old dogs new tricks.

It was a dog's life. He lived in a tavern, ate potato skins off the floor and ran with the big dogs until one day, after some hair of the dog, he was hit by a Greyhound, leaving him with a hind leg as crooked as a dog's hind leg. He decided it was time to slow down, maybe open his own place.

Chancey had been to a lot of restaurants, including ones with bad food and cheap televisions, and ones with scantily-clad servers and a 50-50 chance of ending up as a witness in a harassment lawsuit.

He knew those dogs wouldn't hunt. Some of the places only had chicken with bones, which everyone knows is not good for dogs. Chancey knew what he wanted. He just needed an investor, and a human dumb enough to sign the lease.

To make a long story short, Chancey placed an ad on Dog's List, Bo responded, together they found a human, and Double Dogs was born. The human is now working like a dog, and, if you happento see Bo and Chancey, remember it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.

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